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Alarmingly high rates of suicide in Lebanon and Syria reported

In Lebanon, the phenomenon phenomenon is growing at an alarming rate among young people under the pressure of economic and living crises. Asharq Al-Awsat spoke to people whose relatives have committed suicide, and also met with psychiatrist Reef Romanos, who supervises an organization that receives calls from people under psychological pressure that pushes them to think of suicide. 

Alarmingly high rates of suicide in Lebanon and Syria reported

The report clarified that the economic situation in Lebanon is one of the main reasons, in addition to the pressures, personal or family problems, or a specific shock that the young person is exposed to. “We used to receive between 300 and 500 calls a month three years ago, but today we receive about 1,500 calls a month.”

In Syria, Aleppo Governorate ranked ahead of Damascus in the number of suicides this year, with 30 suicides recorded, compared to 24 in the capital. The Director-General of the General Authority for Forensic Medicine in Syria, Zaher Hajjo, pointed to a 10% decrease in the number of suicides in general this year compared to last year, which recorded 197 cases, compared to 157 cases of suicide from the beginning of this year until the beginning of this month, including 109 males and 48 females. females.

The local newspaper Al-Watan quoted Hajjo as saying that the murders varied between 297 as a result of gunshots, 36 stabbings with a sharp object, 33 as a result of beating with a sharp object, and 21 as a result of an explosion left by terrorists, in addition to 14 victims of suffocation and three victims of slaughter.